Apprentice Bradley Postance Improves His Data Entry Skills

What attracted you to the Business Admin Level 3 Apprenticeship?
I saw this as an opportunity to develop previous skills, while also opening up a new career path for me.

Can you share a specific task or project that you are working on and enjoyed recently. What made it enjoyable for you?
I really enjoyed learning the delivery/returns, etc, for each client. It seemed like a large amount of data at first that didn’t really make much sense. However, when you start to understand it, you can begin to understand the full ins and outs of how the business operates and why accuracy, in terms of data gathering and entry, are so important.

Are there any particular skills or knowledge areas that you feel you are developing and enjoying in your current role?
My data gathering and entry, in relation to excel, have definitely improved and I’m enjoying learning more regarding it.

What aspects of the company culture or team dynamics do you appreciate the most?
The teams willingness to help me learn. If there's anything I don’t quite understand or just need a little support understanding, everyone is always more than happy to help me.

Overall, what do you find the most satisfying about being in the apprentice role?
The potential to develop and learn as much as I can and everyone’s willingness to support me in doing so.