Apprentice Ed Harrison Talks About His Career Goals

What attracted you to the Gas Operative level 3 apprenticeship?

I am seeking a stable career path that offers both long-term growth and fulfilment. I aspire to find a profession where I can continuously develop my skills and expertise while contributing meaningfully to the organisation I work for. I am motivated to pursue a career that aligns with my strengths, interests, and values. This includes opportunities for advancement, job security, and a supportive work environment where I can thrive professionally. My goal is to establish myself in a field where I can make a positive impact and build a successful and rewarding career journey.

How do you feel your skills are developing with this role?

I have been actively honing my skills in utilising various tools and equipment, gradually advancing to a level where I now possess a foundational understanding of appliance installation techniques. Through hands-on experience and learning opportunities, I've gained experience in handling different tools effectively and efficiently. I've acquired a basic yet comprehensive knowledge of appliance fitting processes, allowing me to contribute more. My aim is to continue building upon these skills, further refining my expertise in appliance installation and related tasks. With each new challenge, I am dedicated to expanding my capabilities, ultimately striving for excellence in my field.

What aspects of your role do you find most interesting or engaging?

I take pleasure in witnessing the successful completion of tasks, finding fulfilment in a job well done. Additionally, I have a keen interest in traveling to new places each day,

How do you feel your role aligns with your career goals and aspirations.

 I believe that embarking on an apprenticeship is the best approach to enter an industry and acquire the necessary knowledge through hands-on experience. Engaging in practical work within a real-world setting will provide me with invaluable insights and skills essential for success in the field. This learning experience not only allows me to gain practical knowledge but also gain guidance from experienced installers.

Have you found any trainers or colleagues particularly supportive or inspiring?

Everyone I have worked with has been supportive.