Business Admin Apprentice Megan Jones Explains How No Two Days Are The Same

What attracted you to the Business Admin Level 3 apprenticeship?

I knew I have always been such a detail-oriented person, who actually enjoys repetitive or even tedious tasks, so when the idea of this apprenticeship was brought to me, I knew that it could potentially benefit my skillset. I liked the idea of having a mix between college work and the workplace environment, whilst earning and gaining valuable experience for my future endeavours.

More specifically, I related to Kaboodle’s values as shown through the Kaboodle anagram. I knew that Kaboodle is such a great place that makes staff feel valued and who constantly praise employees for their hard work.

Can you share a specific task or project that you are working on and enjoyed recently, what made it enjoyable for you?

Since starting Kaboodle, I have enjoyed every task handed to me. But, if I were to narrow it down to one, it would be creating the new Training Matrix for the fitters. I think what made it enjoyable, was the fact it was a company-wide effort. I was constantly seeking feedback from others and their teams to make the final product, suitable for everyone. Having this collaboration made it enjoyable as I had the chance to listen other peoples’ ideas and bring them to life.

Are there any particular skills or knowledge areas that you feel you are developing and enjoying in your current role?

No two days are the same in my role, which makes it fun, and I always look forward to coming in! There are a few areas in which I am developing, like for example, using BigChange and Reflow. Although I have had previous experience with software, being able to use both, side-by-side, was definitely challenging at first. But as I have more practice in paying PCN’s, raising VANDAM’s and observing and inputting numbers into PayGo, these all get easier as I develop. I really enjoy being able to switch between software and using my previous experience to positively impact the work I do now, at Kaboodle. Overall, every aspect of my role, I really do enjoy. Whether that means, logging training forms, inputting training event dates or even designing certificates and presentations.

What Aspects of the company culture or team dynamics do you appreciate the most?

One aspect of Kaboodle that I really appreciate is the sense of community, nation-wide. Communication between all depots is mandatory and being able to communicate together to reach the best solution, shows why Kaboodle’s work is consistently great. Kaboodle is such a positive space, and the employees really do mirror that. Furthermore, Kaboodle prioritises growth for all of their employees which I really appreciate that. The way they use social media as a form of promoting a particular team or employee helps to bring the feeling of community. Lastly, from my time here, I can understand that Kaboodle values transparency whether that may be to clients, customers or to their employees, which all help to develop Kaboodle further.

Overall, what do you find the most satisfying about being in the apprentice role?

One of the main satisfying factors in my role is that I get to have a great balance. By that, I mean, being able to concentrate on my work in the workplace, and then being able to use my concentration on my college work. I find that having the college days separate from my workplace days really helpful, and having Kaboodle be totally supportive of this, made it far easier. Another aspect would be that in my role, I get to see the areas that need improvement, first hand. For example, the SQC team really focus on the data, the software and the vans and fitters as a whole. If an online form is no longer useful or needs improvement, based on the fitters’ feedback, we are the ones to address this and find a more permanent solution. So, being able to constantly find ways to improve is not only a satisfying task but it adds to my purpose at Kaboodle.