Company-Wide Step Challenge Raises Money for Lighthouse Charity

The Guinness World Records for the greatest distance walked in 24 hours is 142 miles, by Jesse Castenda in 1976.

While we’re not planning on trying to beat that whooping distance.... our Kaboodle team members did a huge amount of walking last week to raise money for the awesome Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity!

As part of this year’s theme of Movement for Mental Health Awareness Week, by the Mental Health Foundation, we held a company-wide Step Challenge.

In teams of two, Kaboddlers tracked their daily steps, to see who can reach the highest by Sunday, May 19 - and we must say our teams absolutely smashed it!

The team with the most steps was our Business Development Managers Luke Smallman and Adam Morris, who completed a whooping 298,300 steps between them (164,328 to Adam and 133,992 to Luke)!

They were closely followed by Wendy and Karl Kennedy who did a fantastic 252,152 steps throughout the week.

And a special mention also has to be given to Tom who completed 172,075 steps and Karl who hit 171,108 steps.

As part of this challenge, Kaboodle are raising money for the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, to support the amazing work they do for Mental Health within the construction industry.

We raised an awesome £205 for The Lighthouse Charity through the challenge, which has been matched by the company to make an overall donation of £410.

Well done to everyone who took part!