Installers Ruben and Carm Called 'Considerate and Respectful'

Considerate and respectful – two words that are music to our Kaboodle ears when spoken by our customers.

So, when we get feedback from a customer telling us two of our engineers were exactly that, we find it hard to stop smiling.

We just had to share this wonderful review following a cooker installation by Kaboodlers Ruben Pestana and Carm Reeves, because it reflects a key Kaboodle ethos... deliver a great customer experience every single time!

And Kaboodle Operations Director, Ben Pitt, had a few things to say about it too (…when he stopped smiling that is).

“We understand that having strangers in your home, even highly trained professionals, can be worrying and even intimidating for some people. That is why we make sure all our home appliance installation engineers are not only trained to the highest industry standards, but understand the importance of being respectful and considerate when they enter a customer’s home.

“We put a huge amount of work into making sure our teams know how to deliver an outstanding customer experience, every single time. And every one of our engineers put our customers’ needs first every step of the way, making sure they feel at ease throughout the visit.

“Receiving feedback such as this not only reflects the continued great work our national teams carry out, but makes me very proud to lead such an outstanding team.”