Meet Apprentice Installer Sebastien Brooke

What attracted you to the Gas Operative level 3 apprenticeship?

I was particularly drawn to the Gas Engineering Level 3 apprenticeship due to the substantial value associated with holding a Level 3 Diploma in gas. This qualification is widely recognised as a robust and comprehensive credential, and I believe it will provide me with a solid foundation and expertise in the field of gas engineering.

How do you feel your skills are developing with this role?

I have noticed a significant enhancement in my communication skills since undertaking this role. The experiences and responsibilities inherent in my position have played a pivotal role in refining my ability to effectively convey ideas and collaborate with others.

What aspects of your role do you find most interesting or engaging?

I find the aspect of engaging with customers in communication particularly fascinating. The opportunity to interact with clients not only allows me to convey information effectively, but also enables me to understand their needs and concerns better. This dynamic exchange not only sharpens my communication skills but also adds a layer of satisfaction, as I contribute to a positive customer experience.

How do you feel your role aligns with your career goals and aspirations

Embarking on this career path has provided me with an excellent foundation, facilitating the development of both my communication and technical skills. These competencies are essential not only for my current role but also for laying the groundwork for future career advancement. As I continue to hone my abilities through hands-on experience and ongoing learning opportunities, I am confident that they will serve as invaluable assets, propelling me towards success in my chosen field.

Have you found any trainers or colleagues particularly supportive or inspiring .

Ruben, Matt, Reece, Jack and Joe have all been great leads to work with. They have answered any questions I have asked and been really supportive.